On the right hand side, please find the following files you need for the registration for the JLPT in July for the test site Düsseldorf (Germany):


  • Application Form December 2018.pdf
  • Test Guide December 2018.pdf
  • Anmeldekarte.pdf
  • Wichtige Info.pdf


  • Please read the file „Wichtige Info.pdf“ carefully.
  • Open the file „Anmeldeformular“ with Adobe Reader and complete the information requested. For some points (7, and 10-20) you have to fill in a code number which you can find in the Test Guide. You only have to fill in the first page. The other pages will be filled in automatically.
  • Please print the file (5 single pages; no duplex print) and put a foto on pages 4 and 5.
  • Please sign in the space provided on Application Form A, B and C
  • Fill in the Anmeldekarte and print it as well.

  • Please send the Anmeldeformulare (all 5 pages!), the Anmeldekarte to the VHS and the test fee in cash if applicable.




The test voucher and page C will be sent back to you about middle of November.